Introduction of Mr. Srikanth Bolla by Bharath Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

I will become first visually challenged president
When I am with the task of distributing learning material kits to the flood affected districts of Andhra Pradesh, I am reminded of one real incident, which I would like to share with you.
When I was the President of India, on 28 Aug 2006, I met the group of tribal students from Lead India 2020 movement. I asked all of them one question: “What you want to become?” Out of many response, one visually challenged boy studying IX class got up. His name is Srikanth, he answered me “I will become visually Challenged Ist President of India”. I was very happy to see his vision and ambition. Small aim is a crime. Hence, I have congratulated him to realize his vision and told him to work for realizing the vision.

There after he worked hard got 90% in Xth class and 96% in Intermediate and unlike others he set goal to study Engineering in MIT, Boston USA. His relentless hard work not only secured seat but he got full fee waiver from MIT, Boston. Srikanth’s achievement has brought changes in many change agents of Lead India 2020 and inspired to set high vision. Lead India 2020 training has set a high vision for every student who undergoes the training process. Seeing this impact of Lead India 2020 training, GE volunteers have funded Mr. Srikanth for his travel to USA. Today he is pursuing his studies at MIT, Boston. When the GE offered him a job on his completion of graduation, he told them that I will certainly come back to GE, if I couldn’t become the President of India. What a confidence that boy has amidst of difficulty and the challenges in his life by being visually challenged. What a great transformation that has brought into a visually challenged boy’s life by Lead India 2020. My greetings and congratulations to the Lead India 2020 movement, it should spread across India.
Note: Srikanth just completed his junior year at MIT Boston and will be graduating in fall of 2014 with B.S degree. He is planning for an MBA at Harvard next.

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